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Smart Digital Goniometer & Inclinometer
Next generation goniometer. The new and proven technology represents an innovative approach to
measuring joint range of motion. Practitioners can now use advanced digital and laser technology to deliver and document precision therapy to patients.

Advanced HALO Digital Goniometer & Inclinometer







1. Higher accuracy :  +/1 degree accurate assessments for patient & therapist confidence 

2. Measures in 3 planes : take any range on the body, in any position 

3. Evidence : Published clinical studies show measuring with Halo is faster and accurate 

4. One handed use : you can now support your patient’s limb with your free hand 

5. Clear, large LCD display : delivers reading for you, with no guesswork

6. Pocket Size : carry Halo with you when ever you need 

7. Laser Arms : project along limb intersecting with landmarks for repeatable measures





Cervical Evaluation 

1. Flexion

2. Extension

3. Side Bending

4. Rotation






Straight Leg Hamstring

1. Knee Flexion

2. Pelvic Rotation

3. Same Side Pelvic Elevation






Shoulder External Rotation

1. Elbow Elevation

2. Anterior shoulder Capsule Migration

3. Rib Flare Trunk Flexion







Thoracic Rotation

1. Pelvic Rotation / Knee Movement

2. Spinal Sidebend

3. Forward Trunk Flexion






Medical Hip Rotation

1. Hip Hiking

2. Hip Abduction / Adduction

3. Knee not maintained at 90˚