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 Innovation LAB Smart Sensor InnovationLab’s DevKit for force-sensitive matrices is the perfect entry-level solution for capturing and visualizing detailed data from printed pressure sensor matrices. It provides you with everything you need to perform your own experiments and evaluate different sensor architectures, resolutions, sensitivities and materials with respect to your application.

It is based on a high-performing analog module, which is the same as in other high-tech electronics by InnovationLab. This enables a state-of-the-art readout precision without distorting interference of leakage currents (so-called crosstalk). The DevKit comes with a dedicated software for reading, displaying, storing, and analyzing the data from the foil sensor. Moreover, a simple Arduino-based programming interface allows the usage of existing software and to tailor the data processing to the individual requirements.
 Hardware Components The DevKit elecronics is specifically designed for the read-out of pressure sensor matrices, but can be applied for diverse passive resistive matrices in general. Please find the tech specs of the DevKit electronics in our product brief and contact us directly in case of questions.
 Software We specifically developed our SensorMatrixLAB software for the visualization and the processing of the collected data from our pressure sensor matrices. It offers many sophisticated features which you can find more information on here. At the same time, both the Arduino and the date interface can be customized by open-source code.
 FSR Sensor These matrices cover a broad range of different parameters and are intended for first testings and determinations of demanded specs. As soon as the requirements are clarified the foils can be replaced with customized layouts, tailored in size, resolution and substrate material.